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PRL 28


PRL 28 is located in the foreland region of the Papuan Fold Belt of Papua New Guinea and covers an area of approximately 42,007 gross acres.  This petroleum retention license for the two graticular blocks comprising the Ubuntu prospect of PPL 259 was granted in December 2011 for a period of five years.  During this period, the Company must undertake marketing studies with analysis of future hydrocarbon commercialization scenarios for the Ubuntu gas and gas condensate resource; undertake technical studies to (i) re-map and assess the reserves of the Ubuntu feature, focusing on an integration of the Ubuntu seismic; (ii) determine the potential for an integrated development with other nearby fields; (iii) deliver gas and/or condensate to local markets; (iv) identify landowners and required social mapping; and (v) address other commercialization opportunities for gas/condensate. The cost of the above work is to be not less than US$350,000. Contingent on the conclusions reached on the above items and if the market warrants, the Company must then undertake engineering studies aimed at appraisal and development of gas and/or condensate delivery; perform a conventional or extended well test on Ubuntu-1; consider drilling an appraisal or development well; and undertake commercial negotiation of gas and/or condensate contracts.  Eaglewood has a 40% participating interest in this license.